Monday, 10 September 2012

Fresh adventures

Preparing to take flight

Welcome to those of you who have taken the step to study abroad at an English speaking University. As you begin this month as Freshers you may feel daunted by the experiences you are facing. You may have left home to come and study in English as part of the wave of students recognising the growth of English as the language of academia worldwide, or you may be seeking adventure in a foreign land. Regardless of your motivations you will soon realise that this year has many challenges in store for you - not least of these will be meeting the requirements for producing good academic writing.

There is an abundance of support available to you and you should take advantage of it all. I hope that this year my blog posts will be helpful to you, but if you are struggling do contact me via my website for help with proof reading or for academic advice.
Do also consider social networking online - even if you haven't done this much before - it can be a great way to keep in touch with other students on your course, as well as any friends and family you've left behind.

Many Postgraduate courses involve minimal contact time at the university itself so do make the effort in the early weeks to 'physically attend the university' - in particular get used to visiting the library - particularly get to know the computer systems and the staff.
Take advantage of any support offered by experienced students - they can give you advice about supervisors, bookshops, rules and regulations, etc.
Join a group of like minded students - every dissertation and PhD that I proofread or edit acknowledges the friends the author made on their course - they will understand what you are going through better than anyone else.
 Do use a proof reader if you are worried about your English - it is easy to fall behind if you are struggling with (or feel anxious about) your English. As a bonus - reading your proofread work can teach you more about how to write a good academic paper than hours spent in an Academic English classroom because it will identify your personal problems.
  Finally enjoy your University experience and come back and visit my blog any time.


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